Master Gardener VRS

(Volunteer Reporting System)


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Welcome to the Master Gardener Volunteer Reporting System

YR Vol Edu A Y
2006 5152.85 1629.50 8061 4683
2007 8071.59 3724.60 76065 8926
2008 76134.75 3547.75 74928 7494
2009 21638.85 10100.41 171990 11251
2010 23282.97 10725.70 152224 21742
2011 24783.62 12474.70 122462 11031
2012 28227.73 12342.87 103235 12482
2013 28623.84 13239.70 2236682 13534
2014 30228.44 12725.55 93524 10382
2015 29681.57 13795.90 803858 12447
2016 25626.51 12118.65 342699 10058

University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Extension and the Master Gardener Program have developed this system to allow Master Gardeners to report their volunteer and educational activities through the use of on-line forms and reports, available at no charge and completely secure.

First you need to enroll.

Important! If you have been reporting your hours and activities into the former UNL Master Gardener system, you do not need to re-enroll. Your records are intact and have been ported to this new system.

Read "Getting Started: Master Gardener Instructions for the new On Line Reporting System" (PDF 195Kb). This document will fully explain how to start using this new reporting system. What to do first will be determined by whether you've been using the old system or not. Read this and you'll know what to do.

You may ALSO visit the Master Gardener On Line Reporting System Getting Started Page for details and instructional videos about using the new system.

If you have not been reporting your hours and activities on-line using the former system, then you may enroll and start keeping your records today. It's easy. First, read the "Getting Started" guide mentioned above, and then Enroll! That's all there is to it!

Enroll Now!